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about us

open access, no brand, non-profit, academic, climate neutral


SOAP is the abbreviation for Stichting OpenAccess Platforms. Setting up a foundation in the Netherlands requires that you include the word ‘Stichting’ (Foundation) in the name. Open access is what we are and providing platforms is what we do. The foundation was set up in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic (fall 2020), the time that washing our hands multiple times a day became routine. So, why not SOAP: a good acronym and a sign of the times.

provides open access

SOAP offers affordable and fast solutions for the dissemination of research content in the arts, architecture, built environment and design domain. We host open access e-print, pre-print, conference proceedings, book and journal archives. The definition of 'research content' includes, ‘art’, 'design', 'engineering' or 'planning' as long as that design, engineering or planning contributes to the body of knowledge in their respective fields. The open access label we use for all submitted, accepted and published publications that we handle is CC-BY-4.0. We don't deal with delayed or limited open access content.

with a no brand approach

The content served by SOAP derives from multiple sources, publishers, designers, institutes and societies and is presented on an equal basis. The platform respects the identity of participating universities, publishers, designers, and content developers. It allows unique URLs, logo's and names. We will not force an identity upon you that isn't you.

on a non-profit basis

SOAP is managed by a non-profit foundation based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands: Stichting OpenAccess. We are not in the business to sell hard copy books, but wo do like to work with 'traditional' publishers in the arts, architecture, built environment and design domain. In such situations we provide the open access services to authors and editors.

that is academic and open

Because SOAP doesn't aim for an overall brand status, it deliberately choose a label that is as generic as possible, using an neutral, easy to remember but high-value .ac domain name. openaccess.ac tells you that we provide open access and that we are academic.

The core business of SOAP is to provide online e-print/pre-print/book/journal archive services. We can provide additional publishing services such as journal hosting, and also book publishing, if you require those in combination with your open access publications. Publications that we developed, designed and host appear in the catalogue. SOAP uses the primarily open source software like open journal system (OJS), open monograph press (OMP), open pre-print server (OPS) developed by PKP.

while being green and climate neutral

Our platforms are hosted in a climate neutral data center by greenminihost at evoswitch, using energy and resource efficient computers.